CardStarter: The First 30 Days


Recounting the Milestones of the First 30 Days First of all, a big thank you to our CardStarter community! Our platform would not have had such resounding success in the first 30 days without all of our supporters! We have had one of the most successful project launches DeFi has seen in a long time; let’s revisit some of the highlights: The CardStarter team and community raised a modest $650k through the presale round using the most egalitarian manner in crypto history.Furthermore, 61.5% of the funds were transparently locked in liquidity and $CARDS was listed with micro launch market capitalization of $275,000!Within days, the immense community support led to a $CARDS spot value that far exceeded the expectations of the team — so much, in fact, that we had to restructure the participation tiers and requirements to ensure inclusivity. With the community at heart, the new tier system was designed with three pillars in mind: