BBS — Limitless Income Opportunities for Content Creators

Leonid M.  

The founder of Metacafe, Contact Networks and Bancor Protocol — the world's first AMM — is launching a new groundbreaking venture built on insights and experience of how our consumer Internet has evolved over two decades. Nostalgically named after the Bulletin Board System from the early days of the Internet, BBS is a Reddit-type Message Board Network based on blockchain technology. The BBS Network is distributed, meaning that anyone can host their own content board on any site while still tagging, linking and commenting across every board, connecting them together to form a network that is greater than the sum of its parts. Each post on each board is essentially an NFT, stored indefinitely in a decentralized network, which can be created, bought and sold by users who want to earn revenue from the ad space sponsors buy on them. This adds a whole new dimension to various imperfect systems such as likes, upvotes, and other trend engines, and more importantly, creates vast monetization opportunities for creators and curators of original content as it gains popularity.