An analysis of Ethereum front-running and its defense solutions

DeGate Team  

This article aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of a common attack on the Ethereum blockchain: front-running, examining its characteristics to find the most effective solution and ultimately helping DeGate users avoid this seriously damaging attack. Front-Running and Mempool To put it simply, front-running is an attack in which a bot pre-empts a normal transaction while it is waiting to be packaged by setting a higher gas cost to complete a transaction at a preferential rate before the attacked transaction happens. Mempool is a set of Ethereum transactions that have been broadcast to the network and are waiting to be packaged into blocks. It is the premise for the implementation of front-running. The front-running robot analyzes and finds targets that can be attacked by continuously scanning transactions in the Mempool. The image below shows a Mempool browser that allows you to subscribe to transactions in Mempool and view all the details of those transactions by setting various filters.