Announcing Wault Finance x Eleven Finance Partnership!


It’s only been a day but the launches of WSwap and its token WEX have shown incredible momentum. With more than 40M in the new farms and the WEX token going 22x from listing price, all you users have shown us just how much you love farming! Well, we hope you’ve still got the energy to harvest them fields because we have an additional announcement — all our pools will receive autocompounding vaults with our new partner Eleven.Finance! Eleven Finance is a yield optimiser, a vault ecosystem that empowers high APY farming strategies on the Binance Smart Chain. The platform focuses on being a first mover (shown as they have been ready with WEX/BNB prior to our launch!), while offering a dynamic and broad range of vaults to provide their users with optimised strategies to earn profits. Be sure to check out their upcoming leveraged yield farming platform, Bigfoot, as well, it’s due for release very soon!