Awaken Your NFT Crypto Prophet With The Ancient Power of Summoning Orbs

The Crypto Prophecies  

The fallout of the 100 crypto-year war — between the power of Satoshi and his fellowship of Crypto Prophets, and the dark warlock Furmalum — saw the Kingdom of Opulentos descend into financial chaos. The almighty Oracle of Opulentos, in all his wisdom, re-opened the legendary Crypto Arena to rejuvenate the Kingdom’s economy and begin a new era of peace and prosperity. This is where your role in the yet to be told story of the Crypto Prophets comes in. Using the power of your Crypto Prophets in the Battle Arena, you can help restore the wealth of Opulentos and enrich yourself at the same time! Rising through the ranks, battling, trading and levelling up, you too can join Satoshi’s legendary fellowship. But where does your journey begin? It begins at the fabled Summoning Portal, where you can harness the Summoning Orbs’ ancient power to awaken your first Crypto Prophet.