Cast The Burn Spell and Watch Your Crypto Prophets Evolve

The Crypto Prophecies  

If you want to succeed in The Kingdom of Opulentos’ legendary Crypto Arena and become one of Satoshi’s fellowship of Crypto Prophets, you will need to level up your Prophets to gain an advantage over your opponents. The future prosperity of Opulentos and your Prophet’s wealth depends on you winning battles in our highly-anticipated zero-sum price prediction game. Using Summoning Orbs at the legendary Summoning Portal is the primary way of getting brand new Crypto Prophet non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with your chances of getting higher-tiered Prophets dependent on the type of orb you use. However, you can also increase the tier of your Prophets by burning the NFTs you already own. This reduces the number of total NFTs in the current generation and gives you an advantage against your opponents. Here, we take a look at burning your Crypto Prophet NFTs to see them evolve and improve your chances of victory during your next battle.