Mega Update: $1 Million in Reward, First Tech of its kind, and buybacks!

Social Capital  

xBTC has always been a forerunner. We may not hype with the best of them (this may change that), we may not shill with “shillest” of them, we may not game the system like your “safest” moon project... but we build. We just keep building. xBTC is the first project EVER to: 1. Do an initial dex offering partnership with 1inch2. Rebase to a novel non-price oracle (we worked directly with Tellor and then Chainlink to develop our oracles from scratch) 3. Create a synthetic derivative like instrument based around an asset that isn’t tradable normally (Bitcoin Dominance)4. Create a cross chain bridge of shared supply with a rebasing token on BSC. We will actually be the first multichain rebasing token we know of, both the BSC and ERC version will be fully functioning: rebasing on their own, but through a novel bridge they will be directly connected.