Welcome to Enter!


Are you ready to ENTER the new era of music and art? Are you ready to ENTER the revolution? There has been loads of excitement regarding our team and platform announcements these past days, and with good reason! We have been working on this day and night for several months, and finally, with great pleasure, we are able to share the news with our awesome community and the rest of the world! Dear community, creators, crypto enthusiasts, art collectors, audio heads and everyone else: WELCOME to ENTER! We have tons of exciting announcements planned over the next few weeks, so we’re just going to jump right to it and announce ENTER.ART as our new main hub and NFT platform, where NFTART tokens will be used as payment. But we’re not stopping there! In just a few weeks, ENTER.ART will launch in Beta, with many amazing artists, musicians, record labels and content creators on board. You have suggested some top-notch artists that you wish to see join this revolution, and we are doing our best to partner up with as many of them as possible. We will take our whole community with us on this journey, and share teasers, promo, giveaways and behind the scenes material with all of you! ENTER The platform