Team Jigstack  

Jigstack has begun! Launching our first product and performing an IDO simultaneously has been an industry-first achievement. Our STAK IDO has been completed and we are already sitting at 4960 holders! We have a long roadmap ahead of us and we are very excited about the potential for STAK, as well as the future of Lemonade. In regards to the stats of the launch, the Lemonade platform held up perfectly! It was able to withstand the heavy flow of users entering the platform simultaneously peaking at 17% capacity. This is very good news and shows the Lemonade platform’s robustness at handling large amounts of volume. The actual launch of STAK and the listing of STAK on Uniswap was also a huge success! The locking of liquidity gained from the IDO has been locked successfully in the STAK/ETH pool utilizing one of our partners, Unicrypt, services too.