DigiCol Major Updates (1 May 2021)


We’re excited to share that DigiCol is committed to rolling out platform updates to its infrastructure, bringing software upgrades, interface tweaks, security fixes and, best of all, a raft of new features to DigiCol users around the globe. In this article, we’re talking about our recent major updates, outlining the frontend and backend features you can expect once you scour DigiCol. May will be a phenomenal month for DigiCol. We have released a practical bidding feature that allows users to bid on any NFT collectible they wish to purchase. For the feature, DigiCol adopts the Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) currency. Put plainly, WETH authorizes DigiCol to perform any NFT bidding transactions instantly even when any side of the transaction is offline. Besides, WETH allows the user to bid on multiple items using the same pool of Ether.