Unmarshal AMA Recap

AscendEX Support  

To help celebrate the listing of Unmarshal on AscendEX, AscendEX’s Mary Zheng sat down for an AMA with CEO Manohara Kolagondanahalli to gain more insight into the project’s success and strategy for the future. Project Details Trade MARSH now Mary Zheng | AscendEX For those that are not familiar, can you briefly describe Unmarshal, and what problems you are aiming to solve? Manohar | Unmarshal Unmarshal is a DeFi data network. We index, decode and serve data from multiple blockchains in multiple formats. We identify DeFi objects like tokens, protocol positions, price stores, and wallets, and build customized APIs on top of them and serve data in multiple formats like APIs, push notifications, websockets etc. Think about it as a single source for all blockchain data needs.