Why CyberMiles Public Blockchain is Perfect for NFT

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Three years after the CryptoKitties NFT craze, the NFT collectible game NBA TOP Shot developed by the same team, Dapper Labs, once again became the project got the spotlight. If it was a random attempt 3 years ago and got accidental success, then this time, Dapper Labs is taking over the the NFT market playground. According to CryptoSlam, since its launch, the total sales of NBA TOP Shot have been close to 29.476 million U.S. dollars, which has surpassed CryptoKitties and ranks first among various NFT collections. There are currently 13991 buyers and 18,816 collectors. Flow was oblivious among all the new public blockchains during its private sale, but now it is wildly seeked after. On January 28, Flow’s native token was listed on Kraken, with an opening price of $0.38, which rose to a maximum of $12, with an 30x increase; compared with the private sale price at $0.1, the increase has exceeded a hundred times. People who missed out on Flow “rushed” to buy the NFT trading market project Rarible (RARI), making its price to skyrocket by 153% within 24 hours. Take the investment experience of NFT collector, WhaleShark, as an example. On January 23, WhaleShark announced the total valuation of its NBA Top Shot account assets on Twitter. The total valuation at that time was US$10.9 million. Two days later, guess how much money he has made from this trade? 5 million U.S. dollars. Within 48 hours. With the market hype, WhaleShark’s total account value has increased by 45%. These seemingly astonishing gains are just a small appetizer on the way forward for NFT. In the future, there will be more possibilities. According to data from the CryptoArt.io, as of March 2021, the total transaction volume of NFT-based works reached US$$374 million, a record high. The current NFT field that has begun to take shape also includes virtual art, virtual land and space, domain names, and many other collectibles. It is also extending its tentacles to art trading and trendy play markets. Below are some of the latest or upcoming products from four aspects: the NFT trading market, NFT games, the NFTization of star DeFi assets, and the ERC20 tokenization trend of NFT. The current trading volume of NFT is still in its early stage. Do not miss out on these chances! https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/TXrBg6HIaeqZkD-zkgMz4g