Introducing the FUSE/fUSD Liquidity Rewards Program on FuseSwap


The first liquidity mining program for the FUSE/fUSD pool will go live today, April 29th, on FuseSwap, rewarding Liquidity Providers on the pair with 100,000 FUSE tokens over a 3-week period. The team at Fuse today introduces a new liquidity mining program to reward FUSE / fUSD (FuseDollar) Liquidity Providers (LPs) on FuseSwap. A total of 100,000 FUSE will be allocated in rewards for network participants. fUSD (FuseDollar) is the first native stablecoin on Fuse. It is fully backed by USDC tokens and it can be minted on FuseSwap by anyone depositing USDC.