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Public Mint  

[Originally at 20/04/2021] Our CTO and co-founder Jorge Pereira answers all questions about Public Mint at the #CryptoEngine by community. — Joel| It’s very exciting for us to have you here Jorge, the Spanish community follows Public Mint very closely. — Jorge|Public Mint: Hi everyone, good to be here! — Joel| The AMA starts just now. — Jorge|Public Mint: Yes, go ahead! @Pizotastico Q1) My question is more focused on the little comment of “pragmatic approach”. Since any company or bank centralized institutions, which, as we know, is against the nature of the cryptographic ideal, if Public Mint maintains and uses the funds of these entities as the core of its finances. Wouldn’t this make Public Mint a mere puppet of these giants and open the doors to a fake adoption? I highly doubt that any of these institutional investors want to lose their advantage by dint of money.