NFTify to Integrate NFT Marketplaces Into Polkadot Using PolkaFoundry One-Stop dApp Factory


PolkaFoundry is pleased to announce its partnership with NFTify, an e-commerce platform designed for the digital content world, to smoothly integrate the NFT marketplace platform into the Polkadot ecosystem. NFT issuance and trading platforms anxious to take advantage of the scalability and interoperability of advanced blockchains like the Polkadot multi-chain face several incompatibility issues. PolkaFoundry will assist NFTify in some ways. PolkaFoundry will allow NFTify and the NFT stores deploying on it to take full advantage of the cross-chain features on Polkadot by making them easily accessible by reducing frictions and improving the user experience. Through partnerships within the Polkadot ecosystem, the production hub for dApps is continuously expanding its services, which includes UX-enabling features, identity management, and a broad array of data oracles.