Entering the Monolith: how to import your wallet into MetaMask and Etherscan

Monolith is your portal to the Ethereum metaverse. Every Monolith wallet is assigned to two addresses: the Contract Wallet address, and the Owner address. We often refer to the Contract Wallet as a piece of real estate on the blockchain, as it’s linked to a smart contract that’s been deployed to the network. The Contract Wallet contains your crypto tokens, while the Owner address represents the Gas Tank. The key ethos underpinning Monolith is decentralisation. While we provide an easy way for you to interact with Ethereum, the decentralised nature of the blockchain allows you to access your wallet without ever relying on the Monolith app. This means that if Monolith ever went away, you’d still be able to get to your funds as long as you have the Seed safe.