Hoo.com Burned Unreleased 900,000,000 HOO

Dear Hoo users, Hoo Token(HOO), the platform token for the entire Hoo ecosystem, is scheduled to be issued in a total of 1 billion. The initial distribution of 100 million tokens includes an airdrop of 10 million tokens and 90 million tokens from the HooPool (including liquidity mining and lossless mining), leaving 900 million tokens to be issued in an undetermined manner. Hoo team have consulted over 1,000 community global members on how to distribute the unreleased 900 million HOO. Taking into account the opinions of the community users, Hoo team has decided to permanently burn the unreleased 900 million HOO this week, and after this destruction, the total number of HOO tokens will be reduced to 100 million.