Xeno Continued Block Deal and Swap

Dear Xeno Community Members, As mentioned in a previous post, the Xeno team has been in discussions and preparing for a large block deal with a group of investment partners for a total amount of 100 million XNO. We have now reached an agreement for an additional 50 million XNO from the partner allocation to be placed in an escrow account and earmarked for an upcoming token swap. While the particulars of this swap are still being decided, we can mention that this swap will be an exchange for an existing top-tier asset that is already operating in the market. The swap is intended to lay the foundations for strong collaborative efforts in the NFT and DeFi market space as well as help diversify Xeno asset reserves for future use in its ongoing operations and development. The Xeno team feels strongly that this move will ensure our future success by cementing our position in the NFT space through partnerships with diverse and well-established institutions that already have a long history of success.