SushiSwap Listing of ACXT/DGCL Pool Embarks Today

ACDX is pleased to announce the listing of ACXT/DGCL pool embarks today on SushiSwap. Together with SushiSwap, we hope that our new moves can increase our exposure to the DeFi market, foster the DeFi community’s interest in ACXT and eventually encourage the DeFi community to uncover the potential of ACXT and ACDX. ACXT/DGCL Pool: Founded by the pseudonymous Chef Nomi, SushiSwap is a decentralized exchange that adopts liquidity pools and automated market makers to create liquid markets for token swaps. It emerged amid the DeFi euphoria of summer 2020 and instantly whipped up a storm in the cryptocurrency community, dubbed as a “vampire attack”. By listing the ACXT/DGCL pool on SushiSwap, we will surely bootstrap liquidity for ACXT and hopefully attract attention from celebrity investors.