[Listing] Ultra(UOS), NuCypher(NU)

Fellow Bithumb Users, This is No.1 Digital Asset Platform, Bithumb. We are pleased to announce that Ultra(UOS), NuCypher(NU) will be listed on the BTC market today.We will also run ‘210 Thousand UOS Airdrop Event’ in order to celebrate our new listing. The details about the event are as follows.We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to your active participation. 1. Listing details of Ultra(UOS), NuCypher(NU) ■ Open date of Deposit address : 2021.02.22 (Mon) at 12:00 PM (KST) ■ Timeline for listing : 2021.02.22 (Mon) in the afternoon (KST) ■ Available channel : PC Web, Mobile, API ■ Digital Asset Review report : Will be updated shorty >>