How DAPP Network Can Elevate Polkadot To Another Dimension

It’s Polkadot’s time to shine. With so many talented teams working collaboratively on Polkadot and Substrate-based parachains, many of which are EMV-compatible, the ecosystem has already started to emerge in a big way in 2021. As a blockchain-agnostic bridging framework that connects and scales multiple chains, DAPP Network’s arrival on the scene manifests Polkadot’s vision of seamless interoperability not only within the DOT ecosystem but also with blockchains at large. Following Bancor’s announcement, the first deployment of DAPP Network’s cross-chain capabilities on Polkadot is expected to be the Bancor bridge to Polkadot parachains that are compatible with EVM. This could be a major step forward in the evolution of Polkadot towards becoming a home for scalable multi-chain decentralized applications.