Introducing the HYDRA Airdrop “Network Contribution” formula

Our team is working to open up the KYC and registration for the HYDRA distribution event as we speak. In the meantime, we want to take the opportunity to announce a mechanism that will significantly improve the health of the network and the economy during the transition period. You can refer to all other terms in the “Preliminary Terms” medium post. Introducing the “network contribution formula” → to be the main determinant for the continuous eligibility of participants over the course of the airdrop. HYDRA’s main distribution event is unique because it enables the LockTrip community and respective LOC owners to become a launchpad of a brand new, one of its kind, decentralized global infrastructure. What makes this even more special is that this is planned to take place while HYDRA is already making its way as an economy and already grows in utility value. The fundamental goal of the HYDRA launch is to seed the blockchain and grow it in terms of: