AMA Session With BNOX | Transcript

Want to learn more about the BlockNoteX project? Check out the transcript of our AMA with Zoltan Veszer, BlockBen Business Development Manager. Enjoy the reading! BNOX: The company was established in 2018; however, the choice of the name was made even earlier, in 2017, in the middle of the crypto bull run. Our “founding fathers” Attila, Istvan, Viktor, and Andras, wanted to pick a name that would be easy to make associations with, and that could get a catchy acronym. “Blockben” resembles BigBen in London. As the latter has been there for a while, it represents stability, endurance, and strength. The name also contains the word ‘block’. Now you know what the main focus of the company is. Besides, the short version of the name we love using is BB, which is easy for everyone.