Ontology — The ONLY Decentralized Identity Partner for Binance Smart Chain

Ontology and Binance have a long history of cooperation and partnership that has generated benefits for both sides, none possibly more important the integration of Ontology’s Decentralized Identity SoOlution into the Binance Smart Chain. The symbiotic relationship sees Ontology, and ONT ID, as the sole partner for BSC in terms of providing a truly decentralized identity option and KYC user verification. The recent explosion of projects landing on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is expected to be accompanied with a meteoric rise in the number of potential investors interested in Security Token Offerings, otherwise known as STO’s. A key variable that is addressed through Ontology’s partnership with BSC is the problem of identifying potential investors, and ensuring their identities are not only protected but also validated through Ontology’s Trust Anchor Gateway and overall Trust Ecosystem.