CoinTiger Announcement of Layer 2 Zone

Fellow CoinTiger Users, In order to provide users with a better trading experience, CoinTiger will open Layer 2 Zone at 18:00 on February 20, 2021 (UTC+8). Welcome to join in! Tokens now available on Layer 2 Zone: SNX, OMG, NEAR, LRC, MATIC, SKL, CELR, ZKS Popular tokens to be launched on Layer 2 Zone. Layer 2 introduction: Ethereum expansion has always been a challenge. As early as three years ago, the Ethereum community realized the importance of scalability and introduced the first-generation expansion solution Plasma and state channels, but after rapid growth of DeFi applications and users, the community realizes that the bottleneck of throughput is restricting the development of DeFi ecosystem. Layer 2 technology provides a secondary framework based on the existing underlying blockchain to solve its potential scalability problems.