New DeFi Listing: Vesper Finance

We’re excited to welcome Vesper Finance (VSP) today to our DeFi Innovation Zone! Starting now, wallets are open and you can begin depositing VSP into your Poloniex account and posting limit orders for VSP/USDT and VSP/TRX. Full trading for VSP will be enabled later today. Interested in our listings? Tell your friends and earn 20% on their trading fees. What is Vesper Finance?Vesper Finance (VSP) is the core economic engine that facilitates the development and growth of Vesper’s capabilities and community. Vesper aims to provide a platform for easy-to-use DeFi products. VSP tokens incentivizes participation, facilitates governance, and catalyzes user contribution. Users can earn VSP tokens in three ways: participating in Vesper pools, providing liquidity, or staking. VSP is now listed on Poloniex in our DeFi Innovation Zone. Deposit VSP on Poloniex now and begin trading.