Introducing FuseDollar: An Asset-Backed Stable Coin Designed for First Time Users

FuseDollar (fUSD) is a 1–1, USDC-backed stable coin set to bolster the Fuse ecosystem by providing a highly-requested, ultra-easy-to-use medium of exchange for the payment communities built on the network. Plans to launch a direct fiat to FuseDollar on-ramp will also increase general Fuse Network liquidity and improve transactional flow on FuseSwap and other future Defi protocols. Stable coins have been game-changing for the crypto sector since their inception in 2014; helping bridge the gap within the early trading community by providing a stable hedge against notoriously volatile market conditions. In recent years, they have become an attractive medium of real-world exchange; solving many basic problems that exist within legacy systems. Stable coins, and the open-source, 24/7/365 technology they run on, make sense as a form of real digital money for a digital age. They are truly global and, given the current state of Ethereum with its exorbitantly high fees that have priced many participants off the platform, we believe that Fuse Network is well-positioned to power stable coins as part of our mission to bridge the gap between DeFi and the real world.