NEAR Medium Handoff

Since the public launch of NEAR Mainnet in October 2020, the NEAR Foundation has emphasized decentralized governance and inclusivity as key pillars of the future development of the protocol. With the emergence of NEAR Guilds, new projects building in the Ecosystem, and a core group of highly active contributors, Team NEAR is empowering the community’s voice and reach by handing over the keys to the NEAR Medium account. Going forward, the NEAR Medium Account will be co-owned by some key contributors of the NEAR Ecosystem Community (the inmates pretty much run the asylum around these parts anyway, so we might as well give them a voice too…JK!). As a tool for promoting the development of NEAR, the goal of opening access to NEAR’s Medium Account is to provide more frequent updates in an easy-to-find, centralized content channel, from all of the different perspectives that are working to shape the NEAR Ecosystem around the world.