DeFiPie is launching on Binance Smart Chain — here’s how to set up MetaMask to use it

DeFiPie is coming to Binance Smart Chain! We are launching the dApp on testnet today, and we’ll be very grateful if you participate in the testing. All you need to do to use it is set up MetaMask to work with the BSC testnet and get yourself some free test BNB. Our short guide will help you do that in a few minutes. You may be familiar with Binance Chain — a blockchain designed specifically for trading, which hosts Binance DEX. It’s very, very fast, but it doesn’t support smart contracts, so you can’t build real DeFi dApps on it. Still, Binance wanted to get into the DeFi space, so it developed a second, parallel blockchain — Binance Smart Chain, or BSC. It’s compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), and you can run all sorts of smart contracts on it.