Reef Finance expands its reach to the TRON and Harmony ecosystems

TRON, the fastest-growing public chain, and Harmony, a highly scalable blockchain platform, have partnered with Reef Finance to enable Reef users to access DeFi applications in the TRON and Harmony ecosystems directly through Reef’s platform TRON is the fastest-growing public chain that aims to build a decentralized Internet. This partnership will allow users to access a distributed storage technology and share digital content in an easy, secure, and cost-effective manner. More than 1600 DApps have already been launched on TRON. These apps attract almost 47,000 global users daily. TRON blockchain currently has $1.2B TVL and $12B+ of USDT issued on the blockchain making TRON the 3rd highest blockchain for TVL behind Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.