XDB Liquidity Program Update

DigitalBits Community! Based on the overwhelming success of the XDB Liquidity Reward Program on Uniswap, and to celebrate the recent unveiling of the DigitalBits Mainnet 2.0 updates, we will be extending the program to include the XDB-ZUSD pair on Uniswap. Moving forward, 50% of current program rewards will be allocated to this new pair’s liquidity pool on Uniswap, details below. Within the current program, approximately 46,900 XDB tokens are distributed to program participants each day for contributing to the XDB-ETH pool on Uniswap. 50%, or specifically 23,450 of these tokens will now be allocated to the XDB-ZUSD pool, with all other program details remaining the same. Participants are more than welcome to participate in both the XDB-ETH and XDB-ZUSD pools. Details specific to XDB-ZUSD are provided below.