CRDT on Enjin Wallet!

They build a product ecosystem that will help humanity create advanced virtual economies through the power of blockchain technology. CRDT is part of CRDTPay as a unique, end-to-end payments technology solution that functions as a proprietary payments network, analogous to operating one’s own Visa network or Mastercard network where one controls the following: 1, Who is allowed to join the payment network as a Merchant, and at what cost (if any) 2, Who is allowed to join the payment network as a Customer, and at what cost (if any) 3, Who can download the payments application 4, What assets will be supported in the payment network 4a. Fiat (i.e. Euro, US dollars, British pounds, etc.)4b. Cryptocurrency (i.e. customized coins like CRDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) 4c. Third-party payment cards issued by banks or others (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) 5. The fee for processing transactions between Buyers (Customers) and Merchants (Sellers) 5a. Will the fee be payable in USD or CRDT or another asset? 5b. Will the fee be uniform or variable? (i.e. charge more for crypto?) 6. Issuance of payment credentials (i.e. customized payment cards)