IRISnet Mainnet 1.0 Upgrade On-chain Governance Proposal has been submitted

The On-chain Governance Proposal #10 about the IRISnet mainnet 1.0 upgrade has been submitted on February 18th. Once this proposal passes, the IRISnet mainnet 1.0 upgrade will start on February 25th, and new functions including IBC, Coinswap (AMM), enhanced iService and NFT will go live accordingly. This network upgrade proposal of “SystemHalt” was submitted to the current mainnet, including specific information about new software version, upgrade time, upgrade steps and other details. When the minimum requirement of deposit is met, this upgrade proposal will be in the voting period which will last 5 days. IRIS Hub v0.16 will be halted after 20,000 blocks of the time when the proposal is passed; The blockchain state at the block height of system halt will be exported and migrated. The mainnet validators need to verify and confirm the migrated state and run the validator nodes of IRIS Hub v1.0.