Exeedme partners with Ocean Protocol, allowing gamers to monetize their gaming data

With their innovative technology, Ocean Protocol enables users to publish, discover, and consume data assets securely and privately. Ocean Protocol manifests this in a variety of ways. Data assets and services are represented by unique datatokens that can be published and consumed via crypto wallets, exchanges, and DAOs. Ocean also has a blockchain-powered live marketplace app called Ocean Market, where earnings can expand into selling, staking, and running your own datapool in the marketplace. Perhaps one of their most innovative features is the “Compute-to-Data” model, which aims to eliminate the tradeoff between the benefits of selling private data and the risks of exposing it. The data stays safely in the system while 3rd parties can run predetermined compute jobs on it to generate useful results. Due to their technology’s importance and strength, Ocean Protocol has already attracted several high-profile partners such as Balancer, Chainlink, and Web3 Foundation.