Time to Make it Mobile  — Hack with Celo & Gitcoin for $60K in Rewards!

Calling all Builders! Have an idea for web3 but wish it could be optimized for your phone? Looking to BUIDL products for real world users and find product market fit? The Make it Mobile Hackathon is here for you! Come help us make the world of crypto accessible for everyone and disrupt the Web3 status quo. There are 6 billion active smartphones currently around the world. However, for an industry founded on the promise of serving underbanked communities there are remarkably few mobile-facings Dapps, and those that exist are mostly just portfolio trackers. The web2 ecosystem realized the value of developing with a mobile first mindset back in 2011. This focus unleashed a wave of innovation that has taken over the world. It’s time for the web3 community to follow and challenge themselves to make decentralized mobile product experiences that can reach billions of people around the world.