VersoView and UREEQA announce a partnership

VersoView is excited to announce a partnership with UREEQA, whose patent pending blockchain technology solution allows content creators to protect, manage and monetize their creative work. VersoView seeks to integrate this technology into the VersoView publishing ecosystem to further enhance the platform. UREEQA is pleased to announce that VersoView has pledged their core Intellectual Property assets for validation and certification in the UREEQA closed-beta launch in March 2021. This includes VersoView company creative assets such as website, whitepaper, and smart contracts. In addition, corporate publications released during the VersoView alpha phase will be validated by UREEQA. UREEQA’s patent pending platform brings the power of blockchain and the broader crypto community together to protect your creative work, your rights and your revenue. Creative works covered in the closed-beta will include assets like: music, videos, photography, digital art, smart contracts, written works including whitepapers and more.