Razor Network Partners with SpiderDAO to take advantage of Liquidity as Utility (LaU)

SpiderDAO has partnered with Razor Network to provide privacy solutions and give RAZOR holders access to SpiderDAO’s Liquidity as Utility (LaU) benefits. SpiderDAO is always looking to provide the very best in privacy solutions and utility for its users and partners. With this in mind, the SpiderDAO team has secured a partnership with the Razor Network. A truly decentralized Oracle platform for Decentralized Finance, Lending, Insurance, stable coins, and much more. Razor provides data to smart contracts using a network of stakers; this makes it not only fast but also extremely robust and economically secure. Holders of RAZOR will be able to stake through SpiderDAO, to access Liquidity as Utility (LAU) and provide benefits such as free access to SpiderVPN(link). Additional benefits through LaU will be announced in the future.