PelleK x Bondly Music Collaborative Success!

At Bondly Finance, we are excited to collaborate with artists to help them build community and revenue through NFTs! We are pleased to announce that we are using our NFT Launchpad as a way to bring value directly to artists in the music industry. Our first effort is with PelleK, a world famous singer, songwriter, and actor. Learn more below: PelleK, Per Fredrik Pellek Åsly is a world famous singer, songwriter and actor. He has around 4 million subscribers on YouTube, with over 660 Million views !! PelleK has sung for and composed songs for many large franchises including: League of Legends, Magic: The Gathering, Path of Exile, Power Rangers ++ and has also acted on TV — series, most notably HBO’s Vikings. PelleK works closely with Bondly Finance and is a member of their NFT council, taking a lead role in Bondly Music. He has been producing music for Bondly, and is the creator of the Polka Pets theme song. PelleK is set to release a full concept album to support Bondly’s soon to be released Manga and Anime project — “Darken the Shadow”.