Play EBOLA 2 on The Abyss!

The number of games on The Abyss gaming platform is growing so it’s time for a new announcement of an exciting game that will hit your nerves just a little bit if you missed the thrill! Today we are releasing EBOLA 2 which is created in the spirit of the great classics of survival horrors. In this game, you will control the main character with a first-person camera which makes you feel like you’re in a real horror movie. On the streets of Branden City, a nightmare is happening. The Ebola virus spread from a secret scientific and technical base, in which the Panicum corporation is involved. The death of all mankind is at stake.Your goal is to travel to an underground science station with a special team and find patient zero to figure out how to stop the spread of the infection. Everything will depend on you! This dangerous journey will have two ends.