Nimiq 2.0 Status and Outlook — Nimiq

In early 2019, we started research on our high-performance Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm called Albatross. We built a simulator to test the feasibility of the approach and published a paper detailing the concept. To bring Albatross to the browser, we researched and developed zero-knowledge proofs that will drive our nano nodes and make it possible to sync with the blockchain in seconds even on mobile devices. In mid-2019 the team started work on a Rust implementation of Nimiq 2.0, working on multiple aspects of the new blockchain in parallel. Since Nimiq 2.0 is a novel, cutting-edge technology, implementing it always involves research and continuously revising our approach: Throughout 2020 we implemented some parts of the blockchain, tested them in combination with other parts, and discovered that some things don’t perform to our expectations so we moved forward to look for superior solutions. For example, we replaced pBFT with Tendermint, our network stack with libp2p, and had to rework and extend Handel multiple times. But with each iteration, Nimiq 2.0 got better.