New DeFi Listing: ZKSwap is Now Available on Poloniex

We’re excited to welcome ZKSwap (ZKS) to Poloniex today! ZKS is now available in our DeFi Innovation Zone with 85+ other DeFi assets. ZKS wallets are now open and you can begin depositing ZKS into your Poloniex account and posting limit orders for ZKS/USDT. Full trading will be enabled later today. Interested in our listings? Tell your friends and earn 20% on their trading fees. What is ZKSwap?ZKSwap (ZKS) is a utility and governance token issued by the ZKSwap, which is a Layer-2 decentralized exchange that adopts AMM model and zk-Rollup technology. Built on Ethereum, ZKSwap aims to give traders low latency and no gas fee experiences. ZKS is listed on Poloniex in our DeFi Innovation Zone. Deposit ZKS on Poloniex and get ready to trade.