An Important Update for VDL Holders

Vidulum App will soon be undertaking an upgrade to our VDL blockchain tech. Currently, the most noteworthy aspect of this update will be dropping ‘Z’ addresses from our blockchain. This decision was made in keeping with the current and evolving regulatory landscape in addition to the fact that this feature is not widely used and is a cumbersome step in collecting masternode rewards. We are advising all VDL holders to start moving any regularly stored VDL from private to public ‘v1’ or ‘v3’ addresses. This is really only needed for those who run a desktop wallet or use the client. If you run a masternode now and must spend (send) VDL then you should shield and move it to transparent address immediately. If you do not need to spend those VDL they can just remain in your transparent address — no need to shield and sent back to the wallet.