Developer News 02/16/2021

⚡️ Mobile masternode updated to support mining slots. We added transaction and reward history, pending transaction status (not as fancy as in web wallet — to be done), tokens price and token USD balance calculation (to be done in web wallet). There were reports that not all Android emulators feel well dealing with the Enecuum Android mining library. So test it before updating emulator farms.⚡️ Google Play wallet is in preparation for the update with the same new features.⚡️ BIT web wallet & apk updated to support new native currency id ( now it’s all zeros and one instead of all zeros). And the same new features from Masternode.⚡️ AMM DEX and Enecuum browser extension are in development, more details next week. ⚡️ Last week’s Blockchain Explorer update brought back PoS mining history (“mined blocks” tab at the PoS contract page) and the number of transfers for tokens. “All tokens” page was reworked with token type filters, prices, transfers count, and indication of active mining slots.